The City That Loved Me Back

I made a Google Search for “Philadelphia Slogans” and apparently an elementary school came up with “Philadelphia: The city that loves you back.” Turns out, they were right.

Along the end of July, I was assigned to a work trip in Philadelphia and being the adventurer that I was, I obviously agreed. But having no knowledge of the East Coast (A phenomenon truly unique to Californians), all I could think of Philadelphia was the American Revolution and Philly Cheese steaks. And yes, while those are facets of Philly, I learned that it was also a hip and vibrant city.

I was reminded a lot of San Francisco and New York when observing the Philadelphia Landscape. New York in that it was a busy a bustling city with a diverse population and a plethora things to do. San Francisco is like this too, but in addition, the older architecture is identifying and unique to the city’s history. I love that combination of modern day architecture and historic buildings, such as the Victorian structures in the Bay Area.

There’s also plenty to do like a big city — well, let me stop here. It is a big city, I just never knew that. I’m so sorry Philadelphians. There were tons of hip cafes to broodingly sip lattes in and awesome bars — one had an underground bowling alley! Old Philadelphia also had a lot of historical value that I’ve only read about in history books. It was kind of like confirming a fairy tale. Suffice to say, I came in with no expectations and was met with awesome adventures.

Here’s a little preview of the highlights from my trip. I hope my travels bring me back to Philadelphia some day.

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