I’m Cryin’ Cuz I Love Lizzo

I recently saw Lizzo in concert and I’ve never truly recovered from this pseudo-religious experience. What started as a spontaneous ticket purchased turned out to be an unforgettable concert. I was at my desk, trying my best to stay concentrated when I received a Facebook reminder for this concert. You know the kind. When you hit “interested” and then forget about it? This time it turned out useful because I found out her first concert sold out and they opened a second concert!
I arrived two hours early fully expecting there to be a sizable line. But there were only about ten people that have divided themselves into a VIP and non VIP line. I’ll never truly known if this was a spoken or unspoken agreement . . . Once inside, I was literally inches from the stage — I couldn’t believe it! I thought that it had to have been a fluke! This was actually my first time in a GA spot, so I don’t think this was a common occurrence. Something else interesting was that the majority of the crowd were teenagers or early 20’s. I’m 25 so there wasn’t much of a difference to me, but I thought that was interesting considering Lizzo has a diverse audience age range. After an opening from Tayla Parx who put on a great performance, Lizzo came out belting “I’M CRYIN’ CUZ I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUU!!” and it sent shivers down my spine. For the next hour and a half Lizzo performed some hits from her most recent album as well as songs from her EP’s and previous albums. Her energy was absolutely infectious as she interacted with the crowd from all sides of the stage. Her back up dancers were absolute fun too. One of the things I love about her is how much she emphasizes body positivity for all body sizes and what better way than having talented back up dancers with realistic body standards. And another thing, have you ever had Lizzo tell you that you are perfect the way you are? Because I have. Periodically throughout the concert she would speak affirmations to the audience reminding us that we are perfect the way we are. That we can do whatever we want. That we don’t need anybody to make us happy but ourselves. There’s something powerful about having an artist genuinely tell you that. She ended her concert with her iconic song Juice. I have to admit I was waiting all concert for it but I think that was perfect because it ended on a high point. Here are some iPhone concert videos from the night:

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