10 Highlights from my Trip to Honolulu, Hawaii

My boyfriend of 6 years and I both have birthdays right next to each other, and this was his 30th. A milestone, so we had to make this one special. On a spur-of-the-moment decision — like 2 weeks prior to — we booked a trip to Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii and had the best vacation of our lives. A little dramatic, but what’s life without a little drama?

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A Healthy Cookie Recipe

I have a sweet tooth and it’s stronger than I am. That’s really not saying much considering I can barely bench 100, but I’m trying to improve on that in the gym! Which is why I need a healthy recipe to satisfy a craving that I have to suppress like the tinnitus all millennials have from listening to music too loud.

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2018 in Review

This year has been one about stepping out of my comfort zone and coming to terms with adulthood. I mean, I turned 25 — I don’t think I’m even allowed to say I’m in my early 20’s anymore (but that won’t stop me). I’ve traveled around the US more than I ever have and somehow I also managed to start a career of which I’m proud of. This is the turning point of my adult life. I’ve compiled some highlights of my year that have carved milestones in my memory. That kind that will make me go back and say, “remember when I _____?” Continue reading 2018 in Review